Founded by Sean A. Hill in 2014, EventHostHub, originated as a simple thought, which would later become an idea, that has now evolved into a vision. And that vision was giving people (Event Hosts) the ability to share their everyday events with people beyond their marketing reach. Now that vision has become a mission! To insure that Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, along with all genres of Charity or Non-profit organizations are able to promote their important events for the general public to attend. And with his lovely wife and Vice President Stephanie Hill supporting their mission with her years of expertise in Business, Management and Planning they both devised a unique and resourceful plan of service that would soon turn into the event planning and entertainment enterprise you see today. Catering to hundreds of users from all facets of business, individual or non-profit that enjoy sharing their events with their community!

EventHostHub looks forward to working with you!

Sean Hill – President & Founder

Sean Hill

With over 15 years’ experience in IT (Information Technology), Government and Customer Service. Sean brings a dynamic passion, expertise and imagination to the business. With his vision, he hopes to build EventHostHub into one of the most resourceful and multifaceted entertainment companies in the country.

Born in the charming city of Baltimore, Maryland in a single home with limited opportunities due to poverty. Sean persevered despite his short comings to become a well-educated and driven individual. Studying at Stayer University in Computer Science, he later changed his major to B.S in Cyber Security and Information Systems. While also achieving certifications in Hardware, Networking and CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking). Previously Sean served as network Staging Engineer and Desktop Support Technician at Dell, then moving on to Tiers 1-2 Desktop & Mobile support for Department of Homeland Security. Until finally applying several years of his work experience to performing application and network support to the service men and women in the military all over the globe in support of DHA (Department of Health Agency) for the Department of Defense. Becoming a journeyman of many great Government agencies, and proudly serving his country as a civilian in the best way he can!

He is happily married to his wife and partner (Vice President) Stephanie Hill of 3 years! Though he counts the 12 years of dating as marital work experience.

Sean believes in making a great first impression in all aspects of his life and cherishes family values, loyalty, Respect for others and most importantly following your dreams no matter the difficulty!

Stephanie Hill – Vice President & Partner

Stephanie HillStephanie holds 17+ years of experience in Retail, 10+ of those years as a manager.  Graduating from Penn State with her BS in Psychology, business option and minoring in sociology she wasn’t satisfied with just holding an undergraduate degree.  She immediately moved forward with her Masters with University of Phoenix fulltime while also working full time as a salaried manager with Wal-Mart.  After receiving her MBA/HRM she has continued growing within her career through the different ranks of management within retail.  Stephanie has also entered the Direct Sales market growing in rank within the companies she sells and loves.   Her dream has always been to be her own boss and with Sean they are determined to make that happen. 

Marrying Sean was one of the best moments of her life but being able to build a business and do so with her Husband is like a dream come true.  Stephanie’s passion includes growth of oneself while also looking to help the growth of those around her.  She wants to be able to give others a stable platform to start as well as the tools to continue to excel and grow.

Stephanie is helping Sean take the company into a new direction allowing for both virtual and physical events to occur.  She works closely with the planning, and execution of events as well as the networking with the vendors.  If you are interested in collaborating with EventHostHub she is your lady to contact!  Want help promoting your company or training on how you can grow your reach, this is the person you need!